Are You Doing Enough To Protect Your Team?

Your team is your most important and valuable asset. It's essential to provide a safe environment to reduce the risk of potential harm to your employees and your organization.

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Empowering Corporate Active Shooter Training Programs

Welcome to Your Workplace Violence Program Solution!

We are excited to join you on your noble initiative to protect your most valuable asset: your team!  Whether you are in the early phases of research or have already refined what you are looking for, we are here to help.  We believe that you will notice several things that set us apart from the rest and that will put you at ease when entrusting us with your employees' well-being.  

If you would rather talk on the phone so that you can hear about our company straight from us, please feel free to schedule a call now!

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Online Programs

Online Programs

Your team is busy and pausing operations for large group training can be costly. Our online Active Shooter training courses allow your people to learn at their own pace, on their own time, and in their own space. We can even customize the course to fit your organization's culture and branding.

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On-Site Training

On-Site Training

Wishing to have an in-person learning experience? Or looking for guidance on applying the online course to your facility? Your team will enjoy an engaging, fun, and life-changing training held by our elite team of instructors during this premium session.

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We offer consulting services to organizations of any size. Whether you want an assessment of your current site safety and security measures, a revision of your Emergency Operations Plan, or some immediate advice during critical incidents, we offer solutions and security training that will keep you safe.

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We're Not Like the Rest.


Workplace Violence Training + Emotional Intelligence = Empowerment


With the most diverse workforce in history, the common shock-and-awe approach to active shooter training is simply not effective at properly preparing your people. To accomplish your goals, you need a program designed with your team in mind. At Trident Shield, we believe you do not have to scare your people to protect them and we have developed solutions that will fit your organization's culture and budget.

From our out-of-box online programs to our fully customized consulting and content production, our philosophy is constant:


Empower each individual to make the best decisions to avoid or survive an active shooter.

With Active Shooter, Don't Settle for 'Check the Box'.

Your people are scared. They want to know that you have a plan and care enough to invest in training that could someday save their lives. Take action today to address your employees' concerns. When done correctly, a comprehensive Workplace Violence Program, to include training, policies and procedures, will alleviate the fears of your team and strengthen your organizational culture immeasurably.

When designing our programs and services, we left no stone unturned when considering how to support a company like yours in implementing a safety initiative. The result of this effort is that we are not your 'check the box' solution. We will never be satisfied with giving you partial answers that scratch the surface of this issue and leave your employees more confused and scared than they were before we started. The quality and depth of our content reflects that principle. From our implementation guide with suggested language on messaging to your team, to a cultural analysis during our site assessments to ensure we recommend solutions you will actually use, to the deliberate use of emotional intelligence in our training, our goal is to make your program as effective and well-received as possible. Simply put, we are experts at eliminating fear. Let us take away yours today.

Our Training Solutions

Online Active Shooter Training

Your team is busy and pausing operations for large group training can be costly. Our online Active Shooter training course allows your people to learn at their own pace, on their own time, and in their own space, significantly reducing the impact on your company's operations. This course is overflowing with high-quality videos, interactive elements, scenario learning, and quizzes, all deliberately included to enhance your employees' learning and retention.

With your training contract, you will receive our implementation guide to assist you with a smooth roll-out and help ensure greater success of your training initiative.

This program is highly sustainable and we pride ourselves on making it painless for you to train new and replacement hires throughout the life of your contract. Employee turn-over is included in your program, whether you replace 1% or 100% of your workforce.


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Here's Why Most People are Implementing Our Active Shooter Training Course

Efficient & Flexible

Convenient active shooter training online courses available to employees no matter the time or location. Training is responsive across devices and platforms.

Manage Risk

Manage security risks physically and fiscally by preparing for unexpected threats. Reduce liability by training your team.

Stay Current

Threats and the techniques used to counter them are constantly changing. Receive updated training content throughout each year of your contract.

Boost Morale

Our workplace safety training as an added benefit will increase employee engagement and boost overall morale through a culture of care.

On-Site Training

If you would rather get your employees out of the digital world and provide them with a more dynamic learning experience, our in-person Active Shooter training is the answer you are looking for! Live training was where our company started and delivering an engaging and authentically fun experience to a group of employees is truly a passion of ours.

Our use of emotional intelligence shines through in these live sessions and creates a learning environment where your team will feel relaxed and comfortable as they navigate this unfamiliar topic.

Through this session, your employees will benefit from the ability to ask questions of our expert instructors in real time, which can improve their understanding of the new material.

Because we truly care about your people being successful with applying this training, we give all session attendees access for one year to the online training course so that they can review the information at their own pace.


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Looking to Enhance Your On-Site Training?

Customize It

Your live training session can be customized to include information specific to your organization, such as your policies or emergency operation plan details.

Address Your Needs

Don't fit the mold of the typical corporate model? No problem! We can create a version of our Active Shooter course to ensure that the training will work for you!

Have Your Own Expert

Our Facilitator model will equip a member of your team with a deeper understanding of the skills so they can help employees apply the training to their work spaces.


Looking for more than just training, but not sure where to begin? Our security consultants can offer guidance on where you should focus in your Workplace Violence Program and get you started on the right path. Too many companies fail in their safety initiatives due to improper planning or being naive to all the components required to make their program a success. Our goal as your adviser during this process is to make sure that your program meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Site Security Assessments are often the best place to start, as they will expose the areas where your company is vulnerable, both in your physical security and your policies and procedures. Having all of this information from the beginning helps you prioritize your solutions.

An Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is an OSHA compliant document that designates response procedures for a variety of emergencies that your organization should be prepared for. Essentially, this is your play-book if something ever goes wrong.

Have a unique security need? We are happy to help with that, too!

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Still Don't See What You Need?

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