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Coming Soon: Realtor Self-Defense

Attendees will learn invaluable defensive skills they can use if ever faced with violence on the job or in their personal lives.  This webinar will cover effective and simple self-defense techniques, how to locate appropriate rooms in a home to barricade properly, how to disable a firearm, the use of improvised weapons to defend your life and more! 


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Meet Jason Perry


After years of military and law enforcement experience, Jason started the company in 2013 with a single-minded mission- to save lives by empowering individuals and organizations to prepare for, prevent, and recover from critical events, thereby helping them to enjoy safe and prosperous lives. Jason is a former Navy SEAL, Boston SWAT Officer, Executive Protection Specialist, Advanced Combat Medic/Paramedic, and Team Trainer with nearly 26 years of experience in National Defense, Law Enforcement, Executive Protection, Corporate Security, and training. Jason’s experiences, both personal and professional, have given him a unique perspective and skill set that is now woven throughout Trident Shield's programs.