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At Trident Shield, we offer comprehensive security consulting services that can help you assess and solve your security challenges. Whatever the size of your business, we’ll work with you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current emergency preparedness and offer you guidance on a revision plan.

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Professional Security Consulting Services

Is your organization prepared to mitigate the variety of security risks that can impact your operations? With multiple factors influencing a facility’s readiness for emergencies, there are many areas in which companies are often unprepared to prevent or minimize these events. While the types of threats are often similar across organizations and industries, each building and company culture will require unique solutions to these issues. That is why working with a professional to identify the specific areas where you need safety and security improvement is the key to protecting your people, your assets, and your entire organization from threats.

Our goal is to give your people the tools and knowledge they need to feel safe at work each day. With consultation from our experts, you’ll feel more confident in your ability to prepare for and respond to security threats no matter what type of situation arises.

One of the main benefits of partnering with Trident Shield is our professional security consulting services. Regardless of your facility’s requirements, we’ll be happy to consult with you about your company’s current security measures and help make them the best they can be. Our workplace security risk assessments will be performed with professionalism and care by our expert high-threat security consultants.  The years of high-level experience SEAL Teams, SWAT, and Government Agencies will be applied to solve your security concerns.  These consultants are intimately familiar with the most prevalent threats to small and large businesses and they seek to minimize these threats as much as possible for your organization.Schedule Free Consultation Call


High-Threat Security Consultant

Almost organizations can benefit from retaining professional security consulting services while they navigate the process of improving their workplace violence and emergency preparedness.  A few common businesses and organizations that can benefit from a site security risk assessment or OSHA emergency action plan are:

  • Corporate: Our clients range from financial institutions to community electric cooperatives, to large consulting firms and hotels, each with their unique potential risks. Our consultants will look at your environment and organization holistically to ensure our recommended solutions and emergency response plans are appropriate for your office and needs. 
  • Schools: Security for elementary schools, high schools and college buildings is more necessary today than ever before. You can use Trident Shield's services to assess security systems, drill policies, and more that will help protect students and faculty at the school. The right school security consultants will guide you in decisions about training, physical infrastructure, whether to run drills, and more.
  • Stadium Venues: Stadium venues can be vulnerable to intruders due to all the people coming and going on a regular basis. Our security consultants will analyze your current systems and work with you to find solutions, policies, and procedures that will work with this dynamic environment.

We pride ourselves on preparing both large and small businesses for security threats — especially for active shooters and other violence in the workplace. In a time when there’s such a high level of uncertainty surrounding these kinds of threats, we want to make people feel confident that they’re equipped to handle such incidents, rather than feeling fearful about them. Having the proper equipment, plans, and priorities can ease anxieties and make your work environment a place where people feel comfortable and secure.

At Trident Shield, you’ll be working personally with a high-threat security consultant to come up with the best security solutions for your business. Additionally, you’ll undergo a workplace security risk assessment and have access to recommendations you can use for safety improvement. We even offer free consultation calls in the early stages of the process so that we can talk over your needs and concerns!  Schedule yours today to get started!

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On-Site Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

One of our most popular services where organizations choose to start is our threat risk and vulnerability assessment. The assessment will help us understand how your business operates and what types of existing policies, procedures, and infrastructure you already have in place and areas in which you could improve. From your physical security measures to any past incidents that have occurred, we analyze all relevant data to have a total appreciation of your company and what type of recommendations are most likely to be successful within your culture.  These workplace security risk assessments are a great place for organizations to begin when seeking to implement a workplace violence program, as they can offer guidance on the type of training and physical infrastructure that will be worth your time and investment. 

Physical Site Security Assessments

We perform assessments on many different facets of a building’s security, but one of the main aspects we closely analyze is physical security. A physical security risk analysis will include the examination of all the security equipment and physical precautions you’ve taken to keep your building safe from intruders.

Depending on how much security you think your organization needs, you might use many different types of physical security measures to keep your people safe. A few of the common security measures that facilities use include:security cameras

  • Locks
  • Barriers
  • Authorized access control
  • Guards
  • Camera surveillance
  • Security lighting
  • Environmental design

While all facilities have unique needs, the above elements are the types of security measures that often have the largest impact. For example, if you want to protect employees at your office building from intruders or active assailants — you might decide to implement an access control system to make sure only authorized personnel can enter the building. Another addition may be to place bullet-resistant film on your entryway glass.  Our recommendation report will give you advice on these security measures and many others. 

When we do a vulnerability assessment for your business, we’ll also look at some other elements of safety, such as response and prevention policies for workplace violence and the risks of active assailant situations. Policies such as a Reporting Policy or to provide annual training on indicators of violence can help empower your employees to assist in preventing violence from ever occurring within your organization. Strong policies will also clearly outline your organization’s stance on weapons in the workplace, expectations for background checks upon hiring, and the use of security during a firing.  These and others play a significant role in being properly prepared for workplace violence and we will offer guidance to fill in the gaps in your current policies.

The last part of our building security threat assessment is a full report, which we’ll use to provide you with all our suggestions and recommendations. Once our recommendations are complete, we will continue to offer support until you have satisfactorily accomplished your goal of corporate security risk mitigation for your organization. With knowledge and support by your side, you can take steps toward enhancing your physical security and policies in a way that fits your business’ needs. We do security risk assessments all types of environments — whatever your requirements, we’ll be pleased to help.

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Emergency Action Plans for Workplace Security

Every organization needs a workplace violence response plan. At Trident Shield, we’re dedicated to providing you with the most reliable safety advice and active shooter emergency preparedness support. Our consulting services include the construction of an Emergency Action Plan (EAP), which will streamline your emergency policies and keep everyone in the loop in case a situation arises. Our EAP documents go above and beyond the OSHA requirements by additionally providing you with the standard operating procedures (SOPs) to accompany the EAP information.  These SOPs provide you with the ‘how’ to do the necessary action that the EAP dictates to best ensure that procedures are properly executed.

While you may already have an EAP for other potential issues like fires, natural disasters, and medical emergencies, do you have a plan in place for workplace violence? If you need one, we’ll help you expand your EAP by creating a detailed plan for violence and assailant situations that will ensure all your employees or team members are up-to-date on important policies and emergency response procedures.

OSHA-Compliant Emergency Action Plan

If you need new or updated safety procedures for your facility, we’ll help you develop an OSHA-compliant EAP to protect your building, employees, customers and more. OSHA compliance is a standard founded by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which strives to keep safe and healthy practices in the workplace. By creating an OSHA-compliant document, you'll ensure that your safety policies are in the best interest of your team.

When you partner up with us, your crisis management action plan will include several components:be prepared

  • A section detailing leadership roles and responsibilities before, during, and after an emergency
  • Workplace violence protocols, including response procedures for an active shooter/active assailant
  • Recovery plans
  • Marked locations in the facility that relate to the response plan
  • A chart containing violence warning signs

Following the creation of your EAP, it is recommended that you undergo some Emergency action plan training, or Tabletop Sessions, to assess the effectiveness of your new plans.  We can assist you with this training so that you can take advantage of our expertise to determine whether any of your procedures for life-threatening and non-life-threatening violence situations should be modified before being made available to your employees. This is a crucial step to your workplace violence program if you want to keep employees, clients and/or students safe in your building.

Once you have an effective strategy in place, you can start putting it into regular practice — eventually, it will become familiar enough to your employees that they'll be able to better handle an emergency if one arises. Our active shooter training is designed to provide your people with the tools, understanding and emotional intelligence to recognize warning signs and act on them.

At Trident Shield, we build compliant OSHA emergency action plans for violence and active shooter situations — but if you’re also looking for an update to your other protocols, we can create procedures for weather emergencies, such a tornado emergency action plans and hurricane emergency action plans, and other potential crises that could impact your organization.

We know that the need for security goes further than a one-time strategy update. After we’ve helped you build a dependable EAP, we’ll offer you as-needed consulting on an hourly or retainer basis. This consulting will ensure that you have the opportunity to ask questions, receive advice, and fix other inconsistencies or weaknesses that come up. Keeping security up-to-date is an ongoing process in the workplace, so we'll work with you as long as you need us.

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Whatever your business’ needs, we’re ready to develop a plan that will allow both you and the people around you to feel safer in the workplace. We know how important safety is to you and your employees, which is why our goal is to do more than just direct you — we want to build a trusting partnership that will last. From site security risk assessments to emergency action plan training and more, we have all the resources and opportunities you need to better protect your people.

Let us help you create a safer working environment for your team. We’ll be glad to schedule a free consultation call with you to get started on maximizing your business’ security and safety measures. Contact us now if you have any questions!

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