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No student or teacher should have to be scared going to school due to the fear of an active shooter or assailant.  Help your faculty, staff, and students regain their confidence by preparing with a comprehensive safety program.

Active Assailant Readiness Training: Individual


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School Active Assailant Readiness Training: Faculty/Staff


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 School Active Assailant Readiness Training: Student


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What Will I Learn?

We'll teach you essential mindset techniques to prevent or avoid violence, such as how to recognize behaviors indicating potential violence.  For the instances that cannot be prevented, you'll learn life-saving skills to effectively escape, hide, or defend during an active assailant event. 




2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR

Faculty & Staff Program

A comprehensive active shooter training course on active assailant events in the school environment to train your faculty and staff how to prevent or respond to an attack.  Your team will learn to recognize concerning behaviors in a student to head-off potential violence, how to respond in a manner that will keep themselves and their students safer during an attack, and much more.  The course includes interactive learning modules and periodic comprehension quizzes to ensure retention and proper application.  

2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR

Student Program

Students should not have to rely on the guidance of their teachers during these chaotic events, which is why we developed a version of our school course specifically for them.  From being empowered to recognize and act upon warning signs in a peer, to learning how to barricade themselves safely within their classroom, this course provides essential, life-saving information to your valuable students.  We encourage schools to have their entire student body participate in this training, but also advise any parent to buy this training for their child.

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*Appropriate for high-school and college aged students.

2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR

Student Life Safety

COMING SOON! This course teaches you how to safely navigate the world as a newly independent young adult. Moving to a new city or town for college or work brings some inherent risks that can be mitigated if properly prepared. You will learn essential mindset techniques of situational awareness and active planning in order to recognize and avoid the majority of potential violence and specific safety risks found in the college environment.

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*Appropriate for high-school and college aged students.

Customizable Add-Ons

On-Site Services

Our in-person sessions are facilitated by elite security professionals and are an engaging and morale-boosting experience. We would be honored to meet you and your organization!

Consulting Services

Need a security program, a revision of your Emergency Operation Plan, or immediate advice regarding critical incidents? Schedule your free consultation today!

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