Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones.

No one should have to experience an active shooter attack or violent situation. Learn how to prevent violence and protect yourself and your loved ones, whether at work, home, or in public.

What Will I Learn?

We'll teach you essential mindset techniques to prevent or avoid violence, such as how to recognize behaviors indicating potential violence. For the instances that cannot be prevented, you'll learn life-saving skills to effectively escape, hide, or defend during an active assailant event.

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We focus on ‘Foundational Elements’ to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to recognize, avoid, or diffuse a situation before it reaches the point of violence.


It is equally essential that you are properly educated on how to respond in a violent situation. Our course shows you how to prepare yourself and your loved ones.


We cover crucial survival techniques. In these dynamic situations, no single action will be the ‘correct’ answer for everyone. We equip you with the ability to make your own decisions to survive violent incidents.

How Are The Courses Formatted?


Engaging content such as dynamic visuals, interactive elements and video sequences


Organized in short, easily digestable segments making it easier for you to control


Complete control over when and how you participate in the training; compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile


Short quizzes throughout the course to serve as knowledge checks and increase retention

Why? Well, the Truth Is...

Why? Well, the Truth Is...

We all would like to think it can’t happen to us, but the unfortunate reality is that violence does happen. As recent events have shown, there are often red flags that predict violent acts. Our active shooter training course teaches you how to cultivate awareness, and how to recognize the signs of potential violence. And, in case a violent event does occur, we teach you how to respond effectively.  If your employer or child's school has not yet provided training for the organization, take the initiative to make yourself or your child safer by enrolling in these comprehensive programs.

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We Offer Custom Solutions for Your Concerns

In- Person Training

We are happy to customize an in-person training session to your specific safety concerns.  Whether a women's self-defense class, or a Student Life Safety course for teens heading to college, we will work with you to provide the training that you need.


Consulting Services

Looking for a safety plan for your home or some other unique situation? We will work with you to develop a custom solution that will be there for you when you need it most.  


Still Don't See What You Need?

We customize plans to meet your needs. We'd love to talk to you!


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