Outsourced Risk Management

Risk Management, Loss Prevention, Asset Protection - whichever term you prefer, our clients just call it Trident Shield. Every company has to manage risk but not every company needs a full-time Risk Manager on staff. That's where Trident Shield comes in. From policy & procedure development to scalable employee training to active crisis management & recovery, Trident Shield is your partner through it all. The most effective form of protection has always been prevention through preparation. Let's get you started today.

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*** The Following packages can be customized with optional add-ons to better suit your specific needs. ***

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Current Package Options & Descriptions

Secure Package

Suitable for most small to mid-sized organizations looking to initiate or improve their Risk Management efforts. Package starts at $599 per month with two year agreement and includes site security assessment with recommendations for improvement, active shooter training for up to 25 employees and monthly consulting allocations.

Trident Package

Designed for growing companies seeking a more proactive approach to security. Package starts at $989 per month with a two year agreement and includes site security assessment with recommendations for improvement, Workplace Violence Emergency Action Plan (EAP), year two policy review, active shooter training for up to 25 employees and increased monthly consulting allocations.

Shield Package

Our most inclusive package provides total access to Trident Shield's Safe Workplace Program. Starting at $1,299 per month with a two year agreement, you get everything from the Trident Package plus a live strategic webinar for leadership, annual leadership table top exercises to test policies & procedures, and maximum access to Trident Shield professionals via monthly consulting allocations.

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Because What You Don't Know Can Hurt Your People

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The concept of outsourcing isn't new but, as it relates to Risk Management, it's been reimagined.  Hiring Trident Shield as your risk partner is both savvy and responsible.  You can protect your people from violence, reduce organizational liability, and improve ROI for your risk expenses all at the same time.  Too many business leaders 'wing it' when it comes to protecting their number one asset - their people - and it ends up costing them in the long run.  With today's civil unrest and sustained violence across the United States, having access to a true risk professional makes sense now more than ever. 


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Tailored Solutions That Grow With You & Stand By You

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At Trident Shield, we understand that managing risk is never the same from one client to the next and that's why our approach to managing your risk will be as unique as your organization.  Sure, similarities can exist from project to project and from client to client, but it's our deep understanding of your security past, present, and future that sets us apart.  We aren't a vendor and we don't pitch products.  We'll earn our place as your trusted advisor by building solutions using only the most relevant and effective recommendations to speed you towards your security objectives.  With Trident Shield at the helm, you need only to get back to what you do best - expanding your organization's legacy of success.


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"I would strongly recommend one consider Trident Shield if you are exploring a company that is hands on and can provide customized services for your needs."

- Mel Rothberg | Vice President & Site Head Quotient Sciences

Mel Rothberg with Quotient Sciences

"At every level, I have received compliments for the steps we have taken and the solutions we implemented through our partnership with Trident Shield. "

- Derick Dickens | Director of Training & Development Langley Federal Credit Union

Derick Dickens with Langley Federal Credit Union

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A True Partner With The Agility To Pace Your Needs

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When choosing a partner, it's critical that you go with someone who doesn't just understand your needs but who can deliver tailored solutions when and where you need them.  At Trident Shield we pride ourselves on helping you prioritize your security objectives and then standing shoulder to shoulder with you while you implement your unique solutions.  


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The Honesty You Need.  The Integrity You Deserve.

where truth reigns supreme (1)Integrity: noun - 1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. 

The only way to effectively deal with security threats is by starting with an honest and unbiased assessment of the risks and, in a society where Political Correctness keeps many people silent, you need a partner who gives you the unfiltered truth no matter the circumstance.  That partner is Trident Shield.    

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"Trident Shield's experience and insight provided a thorough risk assessment, operational plan, and training that surpassed other consultants in their field. They were attentive to our expectations and respectful of our culture. Trident Shield delivered as promised, exceeding even, and I would recommend their services to others."

- Isabelle Nawrocki | Risk Management/Compliance/BSA/Fraud Chartway Federal Credit Union

Isabelle Nawrocki with Chartway Federal Credit Union

"My team has shared the information they learned from Trident Shield far and wide and I have received nothing but positive feedback from all who attended. Do yourself and your team a huge favor and show them that their safety is your #1 priority. Money and time very well spent and your team will appreciate it."

- Linda Dunlap | Vice President, Enterprise Transformation Office Children's Health in Dallas

Linda Dunlap with Children's Health in Dallas

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