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Our in-person active shooter and assailant training sessions are facilitated by elite security professionals and are an engaging and morale-boosting experience. We would be honored to meet you and your organization!

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We Offer Several In-Person Services

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Instructor-Led Seminars

Our highly educational training session will leave you feeling empowered to take charge of workplace violence and personal safety.

Instructor-Led Rehearsals

Receive expert guidance to apply the training to your facility to ensure that your team is properly prepared if workplace violence occurs.

Site Assessments

We will perform a threat assessment of your facility to analyze areas of strength and weakness in existing security measures.

Instructor-Led Seminars

Full-length Workplace Violence/Active Assailant Readiness Seminar

Duration: 3 Hours

Topics include: how to recognize, avoid, or defuse violent acts before they happen. Learn to respond to threats from domestic violence, assault by a co-worker, and active shooter/assailant. 

Lunch & Learn Talks Tailored to Fit Your Team's Needs & Goals

Duration: 90 minutes

Lunch & Learn Talks are 90-minute emergency preparedness discussions that can be tailored to fit you and your team. Topics include workplace violence, women’s safety, student safety, senior safety, or other custom training.


You will walk away with the knowledge it takes to keep yourself and your loved ones safe in an increasingly dangerous world. These classes could very well save your life. You can't put a value on it.

-Matt S.

Instructor-Led Rehearsals

Leadership Tabletop

Provides scenario-based workplace violence training for C-level and managers. This safety training is conducted in a round-table format, with a guided discussion through an escalating workplace violence scenario that rises through employees, to HR, and up to senior leadership as a full blown violent event, or active assailant/active shooter.

Walk-Through Drills

Consists of a Trident Shield facilitated walk-through to assess employee learning retention and proper application within your building.  Conducted in brief, one-on-one sessions with each employee, these drills will not interrupt your business operation, while assuring 100% compliance and comprehension of your safety program.
*Pre-requisite: Online or In-Person AART 

Best training of my life. So solid was the training that I actually used a key skill on the job a month later. These guys are a difference maker!

-Greg C.

Site Assessments

We will perform a threat assessment of your facility to analyze areas of strength and weakness in existing security measures. The assessment will include an analysis of physical security, standard operating procedures, and previous concerns and incidents. You will get a full report, including recommendations for improvements. If you are just beginning to implement a safety and security program, a site assessment can be an excellent starting point.

Don't Fit the Standard Corporate Model?

No problem. We can design a custom training course to fit your specific needs.


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