Frequently Asked Questions

We know how hard it is to send your children to school when they, and you, are scared about the potential of an active assailant.
At Trident Shield, our mission is to replace that fear with confidence; we don't simply inform, we empower.  
Our programs go beyond telling you "what" to do and teach you How, When, Where and Why to use practical, proven techniques to help your child survive any violent event. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my child’s school is safe?

You can ask your administrators what their plans are for an active assailant event at the school. 

Listen for answers covering prevention, preparation, and response for firearm, vehicle, and edged weapon attacks. 

Response plans need to provide clear guidance on an option to escape, hide, or defend against the attacker. A single option response (i.e. only lockdown) is not good enough.

My child’s school’s Active Assailant plan is to lockdown – is that good enough?


Unfortunately, too many schools are poorly designed for lockdown and lack the proper infrastructure to be effective in a lockdown situation.

What can be done about the new trend of attackers using the fire alarm to lure out students?

Unfortunately, many fire codes conflict with good active assailant tactics and techniques.

Each school is going to have to have to work with their local Fire Marshal to come up with common sense solutions to this problem.

I’ve seen stories about schools arming their students with rocks. Is that really a good option?

Trident Shield is of the belief that doing something is better than doing nothing.

However, we do not recommend rock buckets and instead recommend coordinated action as a team with available improvised weapons.

How old should my child be to take this course?

This varies based on parenting style and the maturity of the child.

We feel we can safely recommend our current course for high school age children and above.

However, many parents of middle school children have had their children go through our course with no problems and are very satisfied with the level of preparedness their child now has.

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Will this training scare my child?

We teach from a place of empowerment and not fear.

Our training is done in a very specific manner to always show that it is a training environment and not a violent action movie.

You will see all of our actors and role-players laughing and having a great time while training. This is all done by design to relieve stress off of our audience.

What makes you different from other programs?

Depth of knowledge, Emotional Intelligence and actual step by step actions within each component of Run, Hide, Fight or as we like to say Prepare, Escape, Hide, Defend.

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Do you train Run, Hide, Fight?

Yes and no.

We teach a very in-depth step by step version that is very similar to Run Hide Fight but is far more in depth.

Our students learn exactly what to do to be maximally effective in each step of our Prepare, Escape, Hide, Defend.

Who should take this training?

All faculty and staff from pre-K through higher education should be trained on how to prevent, prepare, and respond to an active assailant.

We offer both a student solution course and a faculty solution course.

In addition, we highly recommend that age-appropriate students are also offered this training.

We suggest high-school and college-aged students, but individual parents can make a choice to offer this training to a younger child if they deem it appropriate.

How often should I check the sex offender registry?

We would recommend checking the registry about once a month at least.

Our Instagram has some great information about the registry and how exactly how use it.

How do I get my child’s school to do quality training?

As parents, you have tremendous influence on your school administration when petitioning as a large group.

Rally other parents together to voice your dissatisfaction with the current plans and be prepared to provide researched suggestions of high-quality training providers.

How can I stay connected to information about school safety?

Our blog, Facebook page, and Instagram page are great places to get valuable content that will help keep your child safe!

If you have any questions along the way, don't hesitate to reach out.

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