Want some OPTIONS with your Opt-ins?

Our Active Shooter content and Workplace Violence training aren't the best by accident.  We work tirelessly to bring you life saving information delivered in the spirit of empowerment and framed in the context of recent events.  That is our commitment to you.  But quality and relevance are only pieces to a larger picture.  What about flexibility when consuming this kind of content.  Our Active Shooter Training Programs are modular in nature and designed to be consumed at your own pace and in your own space.  You can complete any of our programs in one sitting or any number of sittings.  

We believe that same flexibility is important when subscribing to content that interests you.  Would you rather take in our weekly updates as the come out?  Great!  Look below for our weekly subscription.  Prefer to binge watch our safety content?  Go ahead, we won't judge.  Get all the same life saving relevance delivered to your inbox once a month and get your popcorn ready!  

Our Programs Meet and Exceed Government Standards

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