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We offer consulting services to organizations of any size, as well as high net-worth individuals. Whether you want an assessment of your current site safety and security measures, a revision of your Emergency Operations Plan, or some immediate advice during critical incidents, we offer solutions and security training that will keep you safe.

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Site Assessments

We will perform a threat assessment of your facility to analyze areas of strength and weakness in existing security measures. The assessment will include an analysis of physical security, standard operating procedures, and previous concerns and incidents. You will get a full report, including recommendations for improvements. If you are just beginning to implement a safety and security program, a site assessment can be an excellent starting point. Assessment components include:

  • Analysis of existing physical security on site
    • Gates
    • Lighting
    • Cameras
    • etc.
  • Policies
    • Workplace Violence
    • Domestic Violence
    • Weapons
    • etc.
  • Employee Interviews
  • Recommendation Report
    • Ranked in order of priority
    • Suggested vendors
    • Post-Report guidance
security Cameras

Emergency Operations Plan

An Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is an OSHA compliant document that outlines threats and incidents that your organization should be prepared for – whether that be medical emergencies, chemical spills, an active shooter, or bad weather. Trident Shield can provide a workplace violence-specific component to your existing plan, or we can help you with a full EOP if you do not already have one. Your EOP will include:

  • Roles and Responsibilities for Leadership and Management Positions
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Non-Life-Threatening Violence Procedures
  • Life-Threatening Violence Procedures
  • Post-Incident Recovery
  • Analysis of work site to identify specific locations for key response actions during an Active Shooter
  • Indicators of Potential Violence Chart
  • Non-violent emergency procedures (if desired)
Emergency Operations Plan

Hourly and Retainer Models

Rest easy and focus on what you do best, knowing that you have 24-hour access to one of Trident Shield's industry-leading security experts. We provide you with advice and assistance for risk mitigation to prevent, prepare for, and respond to violence within and outside of your organization.

Trident Shield offers consulting services on an hourly rate or retainer fee to provide you or your organization safety and security guidance on an as-needed basis.  Use these services to:

  • Receive assistance or guidance when firing of a potentially violent employee
  • Be advised on maintaining safe business operations during a negative local event
  • Debrief a security incident that happened within your organization
  • Get guidance on security related policies or procedures
  • Receive consulting on the safety and security needs for VIP personnel or guest
Hourly and Retainer Models

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