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Trident Shield on WVIR NBC 29- Charlottesville

Jason Perry

Jason Perry is the founder and CEO of Trident Shield.  After years of military and law enforcement experience, Jason started the company in 2013 ...

Jason Perry is the founder and CEO of Trident Shield.  After years of military and law enforcement experience, Jason started the company in 2013 ...

Aug 16 6 minutes read

Trident Shield on WVIR NBC 29- Charlottesville

May 7th, 2018

Thanks to Henry Graff at NBC 29 in Charlottesville. He produced a great segment for us that aired on the 5pm and 6pm News!

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An article from WVIR NBC: 

Charlottesville Business Teaching Ways to Survive Workplace Shooter


A Charlottesville-based business is making it their business to train you for the worst.

Trident Shield is partnering with a number of organizations in the area to help employees be ready for an active assailant. The company offers in-person and now online training.

While Trident Shield is a business, the owners say what they can teach you can save your life.

"What you have to do is train everyone to a competency level so that they can make those informed decisions on their own," said Jason Perry, Trident Shield founder and CEO.

"If we can get ahead of it and help save lives in that way and be that initiative for people to take this more seriously, that's our goal," Trident Shield Vice President Lauren Perry said.

Jason and Lauren Perry put NBC29’s Henry Graff through one scenario Monday, May 7: An active shooter in a building. The scenario involves a gunman in the hallway, and he is headed for you.

Henry Graff: "Why hide right by the door?"
Jason Perry: "So we teach people when they're going to setup what this is called an ambush. That they do it at an ambush point. An ambush point is where you can hide and the attacker and you will at least see each other at the same time."

"So we're going to want to be on the same wall of the door so the bullets could not hit you if he fired through the door," Lauren Perry explained.

Once the gunman entered, we ambushed him, pushing the bad guy against the door and disarming him.

"You're getting some of that stress that you would feel in the moment, and you're able to process that from this training situation," Lauren said.

Trident Shield says it has seen an uptick in business over recent years as so many mass shootings make headlines.

"You can't just think of this stuff the first time it's happening and think you're going to act accordingly," said Jason.

We went through just a fraction of the training. Click below for sample clips from Trident Shield:

  • Two female employees disarming a shooter [mp4 video]
  • Three-person team of employees disarming a shooter [mp4 video]
  • Building a barricade against a shooter [mp4 video]

Press Release from Trident Shield:

Charlottesville, VA, April 24, 2018 - With the rising incidence of workplace violence in the U.S., Trident Shield, the security training and consulting firm, has launched its online Active Assailant Readiness Training for workplaces of all sizes nationwide. The training is uniquely designed to deliver proactive skills in an accessible way for average people with no previous experience. It was developed by Trident Shield’s team, which includes U.S. Navy SEALS, law enforcement, U.S. military veterans and corporate security professionals.

Active Assailant Readiness Training features the Core Training Program, which teaches the mindset and skills necessary for active assailant and daily personal security, and highlights the role of domestic violence in workplace threats. It’s presented in short, easily digestible segments, with engaging interactive content and on-demand access, and provides email updates with safety tips and best practices. Trident Shield’s online Safe Workplace Program is a comprehensive workplace violence prevention program, which in addition to the Core Training Program, includes a Safe Workplace Program Implementation Guide and an Active Threat Readiness Refresher Course.

In addition to the expertise in security and self-defense techniques, the effectiveness of Trident Shield’s training is due to its non-threatening approach and delivery, which fosters greater receptivity and confidence in people unfamiliar and likely intimidated by having to protect themselves in a violent situation. This accessibility for people to have the skills they need to prepare for, prevent and recover from critical events is the core of Trident Shield’s mission.

“Learning life-saving skills and an awareness for safety and security in a relatable way empowers people, so they are more engaged and productive in their work and everyday life,” said Jason Perry, Trident Shield Founder and CEO. “Our Active Assailant Readiness Training essentially enables employers to create and sustain a culture of care for their employees.”

Trident Shield’s programs can be customized to be consistent with any corporate culture and environment. They enable employers to meet OSHA compliance requirements, and are consistent with recommendations of the DHS and the FBI. All of Trident Shield’s training is offered under the company’s WorkLife Safety™ brand, which emphasizes its applicability in all aspects of life beyond the workplace.

For more information on Trident Shield’s Active Assailant Readiness Training, visit or call 800-811-2420.

To download a free copy of Trident Shield’s new infographic, “Workplace Violence Behavioral Threat Assessment,” visit


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