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Halloween Party Safety in 4 Steps

Trident Shield Team

Together We Save Lives.

Together We Save Lives.

Oct 16 4 minutes read

Calling all witches and warlocks...

Halloween is right around the corner, and we know that with Halloween comes parties and lots of them. Here at Trident Shield, we're all about keeping you safe, so we put together this blog filled with 4 simple tips that can help make sure you have a fun and safe Halloween. 

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1. Stay Together

We always recommend traveling in groups, especially when walking in the dark - there is safety in numbers. Make sure that the group that you go to the party with is the same group that you leave with. It's always a good idea to start a group text to keep track of everyone in case you get separated at the end of the night. Putting a plan in place to meet up at a certain time can ensure that everyone is safe and sound.  If you do get split up and end up needing to use a ride-service such as Uber, use apps that allow you to share your location and vehicle details so that friends can keep an eye on you until you meet back up with your group.  

2. Charge It

While you're getting ready for the party put your phone on the charger a few hours in advance to ensure that it has time to charge completely before you leave the house. Making sure that you have a full battery will allow you to stay in touch with your group, call the police in case of an emergency, and use your phones features such as the flashlight. If you're concerned about having a full charge throughout the night, we recommend bringing a portable charger or charging case along with you!

3. Mask Off

Being aware of your surroundings is one of the most vital parts of staying safe! Our recommendations always include knowing the people that you're going to be partying with, keeping distractions to a minimum, and being aware of any strange behavior going on around you. If you notice something going on that makes you uncomfortable, gather your group and leave the party.

Also, stay away from costumes that make you completely unrecognizable. This way, in case something happens, you'll be easily accounted for.

4. Mind Your Drinks

Drinking safety is one of the most important aspects of your Halloween parties for you to keep in mind.  With all of the creative and unusual looking festive drinks that are found at parties, it may be easier for someone to slip drugs into your cup without you noticing.  The best practice is to only consume drinks that you open yourself or that you watch being made at a bar and to avoid the communal drink sources.  Also, and this may go without saying, but one of the biggest pieces of advice that we can offer is to never drink and drive. On Halloween, there are trick or treaters roaming the streets, it's dark, and most costumes are made using dark colored fabric. It's difficult to see and being impaired only will make it worse. There are so many options for ride-sharing these days between Uber and Lyft that make it easy to find a sober ride home. If there's a question that you're too drunk to drive, don't drive. 

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