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At Trident Shield, our mission is to SAVE LIVES. We do this by providing workplace violence and active shooter training for organizations of any size nationwide. Our comprehensive programs help to foster a culture of care while reducing security risks and safeguarding your greatest asset – your employees.

But more importantly, we teach your people how to respond when workplace violence or an active shooter occurs at your organization. And presence of mind, along with swift action, could spell the difference between lives lost and lives saved.

Founded in 2013, Trident Shield brings over 100 years of high-level and real-world experience to help organizations maximize their preparedness for potential critical events. Over the years, we’ve established a solid client base. Our trainers work with big and small organizations as well as private individuals.

Industry Thought-Leaders

At Trident Shield, we take a holistic approach to workplace violence training. Ultimately, the productivity and success of your team is dependent on their well-being beyond the work day. Our WorkLife Safety programs teach skills that will be with your team at work, at home, and throughout their daily lives.

Workplace violence can be a difficult subject. We specialize in reaching out to people of all backgrounds and learning styles. Our goal when training any group is to present the most effective training available, while remaining compassionate and relatable, and maintaining your organization’s culture


Meet Jason Perry

After years of military and law enforcement experience, Jason started the company in 2013 with a single-minded mission- to save lives by empowering individuals and organizations to prepare for, prevent, and recover from critical events, thereby helping them to enjoy safe and prosperous lives. Jason is a former Navy SEAL, Boston SWAT Officer, Executive Protection Specialist, Advanced Combat Medic/Paramedic, and Team Trainer with nearly 26 years of experience in National Defense, Law Enforcement, Executive Protection, Corporate Security, and training. Jason’s experiences, both personal and professional, have given him a unique perspective and skill set that is now woven throughout Trident Shield's programs.

Meet Jason Perry


Meet Lauren Perry

As Vice President of Operations, Lauren is responsible for Trident Shield’s curriculum development, professional services, and company management. Along with strategic planning, Lauren manages all day-to-day operations and customer relations, and facilitates coordination of staff and vendor partners. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from University of New England, Lauren has been a professional trainer since 2012, and has been leading training in the security field since 2014. In her curriculum development role, Lauren leverages her background in training and communication to make the topic of personal safety approachable and relatable to anyone. She is also the welcoming face of the company in the online courses. Lauren’s mission is to create positive change in as many lives as she can.


Our Team

Our Team

When choosing our team, we care about more than just a resume; we care about the type of person behind the experience. We seek individuals who have the unique blend of high-level industry expertise and the ability to share this knowledge with warmth, charisma, and compassion for our clients. Our Lead Instructors currently have over 100 years cumulative experience in security and public safety. They are Navy SEAL veterans, paramedics, police and SWAT team members, and corporate security professionals. Our Assistant Instructors are men and women who have completed our mentorship program, making them relatable while maintaining our high standards. Regardless of background, all our instructors train the same industry-leading content, so that our customers receive the same experience.


Meet Monty Heath

Monty has led high-performance, results-focused teams in all three realms of business; Government, Private Sector, and Non-profits.  He is currently involved with two non-profit veteran service organizations; Director of Military Programs for Higher Ground, and Executive Director of VetToCEO.   
Monty served in the US Navy SEAL teams for over a decade; he honorably discharged and was twice awarded the Bronze Star with combat valor designation.  He then started a family and dove into the civilian markets.  In his first private sector venture, he worked alongside Gas and Oil industry executives delivering critical security input used to inform billion-dollar expansion plans.   In the defense contracting space, he has managed the SEAL Mentorship program, a national initiative serving hundreds of candidates daily. Additionally, he managed the SEAL Preparatory Program utilizing a team-of-teams approach.  His staff consisted of Olympic & Professional athletes as well as retired SEALs- delivering content to hundreds of enlisted personnel per quarter who were entering NSW pipeline.  In the Executive Protection space, he led, then managed, international protection details for Forbes 40 families.  During his free time, Monty enjoys time outside with his wife and two sons.   
Meet Monty Heath


Meet Mike Little

Mike Little retired from the US Navy as a Chief after more than 22 years of service, including over 20 years as a Navy SEAL. While serving in Operation Enduring Freedom in Iraq, he was shift lead for a protection detail for a high ranking Iraqi politician, conducting high-risk movements in Iraq and throughout the middle east.  Upon retiring from the Navy, Mike spent over six years as a team leader providing executive protection for the CEO of one of the largest privately-owned companies in the world, and his family.  Mike is a highly decorated combat veteran. His many awards include a Bronze Star.
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Meet Josh Garay

Josh serves as a Trident Shield Consultant with a specialty in Leadership Crisis Management, All-Hazard Emergency Planning, and Threat/Risk Assessment. For over 15 years, Josh has served in a variety of positions within the US Federal Government as an Intelligence Officer, Security Official, Emergency Management Program Manager, and First Responder. In working with Trident Shield, Josh’s hope is to help the public better prepare for emergencies through knowledge and training.
Meet Josh Garay


Meet Jason Coneway

As a native Texan with 17 years experience in sales and new business development, Jason Coneway expands Trident Shield’s presence to Texas and surrounding states.  Since graduating from The University of North Texas in 2001, he has enjoyed working in a variety of industries such as Real Estate Software Development, Staffing & Recruiting, and Print & Promotional Products.  Jason was selected to launch expansion offices for two previous employers, both of which continue to thrive to this day.  A key component to his success is his innate ability to forge lasting partnerships while delivering exceptional customer experience.  Jason currently resides in far north Dallas and is a devoted husband and father of two.
Meet Jason Coneway


Meet Kate Kearns

Kate served 15 years as a Supervising Deputy Sheriff with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and was awarded the Department’s Distinguished Service Medal. Desiring to spend more time with her family, she left the department and started her own Private Investigation company as a Licensed Private Investigator in California.  Personal Safety and safety in the workplace has always been close to her heart and she brings that passion to the Trident Shield team.
Kate Kearns


Meet Kimberly Kruskamp

Kimmy is a wife and mother, born and raised in beautiful Virginia. A Wahoo at heart from the age of 7, she graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Biology and Chemistry, however, her true passion has always been business. Being raised by entrepreneurs and growing up in a family-owned business, she feels right at home with the Trident Shield family. She has worked alongside large and small companies, as well as non-profits, helping in everything from sales to marketing. At Trident Shield, Kimmy serves on the marketing team, assisting with social media, marketing design, and administrative tasks.  Working for a company with the mission of saving lives is very near and dear to her heart, as her sister and brother-in-law were students at Virginia Tech when one of the worst mass shootings in history occurred. Kimmy is excited to help Trident Shield reach many more people and to have such a positive impact on their lives. 
Kimmy Kruskamp

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Eagle Security Group recommends us as their Active Assailant training resource for their clients.

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